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Alim technical team designed Information Management System (AIMS) and want to develop it in the future. This System focuses on the organization of databases, documents and researches that can be easily accessed with standard Web browsers and with Internet access. AIMS is one of the best integrating activities for information management in Iran. Here you can see some of its capabilities:

  • Users can search within AIMS to find information sources of interest, based upon topic, keyword, defined criteria or fill out the order form that will be send to Alim experts.
  • AIMS has the capability of restricting some of information for internal use only.
  • AIMS has the necessary security options to permit different levels of access to databases.
  • Complete user management system.
  • Powerful search engine that allows users to find their appreciate information quickly.
  • Availability of experts replying back to the user search forms.

The acronym ISFS stands for Internet Smart Filtering System. The ISFS Filtering System uses artificial intelligence to protect you from unwanted Internet sites.
The ISFS Server is entirely customizable. It is easy to install and maintain. It will operate with any existing Internet service provider and method of connection. It can support up to 256 IP-subclasses simultaneously.
Its database of blocked sites now contains 10,500,000 URLs and also is updated automatically via Internet regularly. With the ISFS you have the option to override our default list of blocked categories and allow or disallow access to any one of categories (Pornography, advertisment and noproxy sites).
With a “Just Permitted" capability you can define a list of Trusted URLs and limit your users to just visit them.
Any upgrade/update for this product will be provided to the customers freely and automatically for one year after purchase time.
We offer this product with its own assembled hardware
(1U Rack Mountable Case).

NetShare is a software that acts as a dial-on-demand gateway to Internet. Using it, you can connect your LAN to Internet via only a regular telephone/leased line.
It's suitable for networks in Schools, Colleges, CyberCafes, Medium Companies, etc. It works on Dial-up line, Leased Line and can also act as ROUTER and BRIDGE between Ethernet networks.  more

CDBank is a useful program for organizations and companies that have a lot of CDs.
All the time you should search your CDs to find your favorite program. How much time do you want to lose? Save your time with only trivial amount of money.

All-in-One Internet and intranet solution designed for schools, and colleges. The khadeMadreseh is an all-in-one affordable server, integrated school network solution. It provides students with the easiest and fastest way to share files and printers across school network in seconds. more

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