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CDBank Software

CDBank software is a CD collection manager, designed to meet requests of serious application and software collectors. You can manage many type of CDs, such as data CD, audio CD, VCD and DVD or even FDD and HDD

Top Features

  • Make a list of your CDs quickly and easily, without typing
    You can automatically add CDs to CDBank Software database, simply by inserting them into your computer.

  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface
    CDBank Software has intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to use. Ever since every Windows user has been seen and used Windows Explorer to manage files and folders we designed CDBank Software interface similar to this.

  • Powerful Search Engine
    Have you ever use Windows Find Tool? How did you find that? Do you think the capability of that is enough? You can find just exactly the same interface in CDBank software but more efficient!!!. In Addition to wildcard characters (*,?) you can use "And" (space) and "Or" operator between words to create complex search queries.

  • Flexible CD-finding Structure
    CDBank Software can help you to find the exact place of your CDs. Just define your CD places (CD shelter, CD holder, ) and add your CD in these places as you did with main CD.

  • CD Category organizing
    Do you know how many graphic CDs you have?. CDBank can help you to answer this question. Just create your favorite categories and specify appropriate one when you add CD.

    To order this product please contact with Chief Marketing Officer and get additional information.