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Alim IT Center was founded in february 1998 as one of the country's most specialized centers. The activities of center expand in different area including science, technology, agriculture and medicine. Our close relation with document centers, in and out of our country has enabled us to satisfy most of the requests we have received today. Out of nearly 50 employees in the center, most of them, have a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in various fields of science and engineering. This well selected combination of the working community allows us to provide the customers with fast, reliable and efficient services.

Information Department

Information Technology (IT) has arisen as a separate technology by the convergence of data processing technigues and telecommunications, the former providing the capability for processing and storing information, the latter the vehicle for communicating it.
AIC Information Department
holdings currently includes:
  • 2,500,000 patents
  • 300,000 standards
  • 40,000 technical reports
  • 2,800 journal titles

Technical Department

AIC technical department is always looking for energetic, experienced people to add to our talented team!. Our core strengths include strong technical and experience on the following categories:

Software Development: Our team has a proven reputation for delivering high quality software solutions across the previous years.
Network Services: Our Network Engineers have significant expertise and experience in a wide variety of network technologies and applications.

Our general experience base includes:

  • Network Security:
    Firewall design, implementation and management
  • WAN Technologies: Leased Lines
  • Network Protocols: TCP/IP, PPP, NetBIOS/Netbeui
  • Network Backup: Amanda
  • Internet/Intranet: DNS, NIS, NNTP, HTTP, Radius, IMAP and SMTP Servers
  • Desktop/Network Operating Systems: UNIX, Novell Netware, DOS/Windows, Windows NT

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